ConnectBooster Updates

January 03, 2023

January 2023 News and Updates

Starting in January 2023 ConnectBooster will be updating the User Interface in ConnectBooster to better align with other Kaseya IT Complete modules. This is being done to streamline the expected user experience across IT Complete as well as provide an improved navigation experience in ConnectBooster.


  • Why did you change the menu design?

  • We changed the menu design to streamline the user experience and take advantage of a single “common look and feel” with other Kaseya IT Complete modules.

  • Did you remove any core functionality with this User Interface change?

  • No, we did not remove any core functionality. We attempted to streamline the user experience by making more information available on the sidebar menu and decluttered the header menu by changing some icons to text to more clearly designate their functionality and moved them under a single “help” menu.

  • Did you remove the search field?

  • No, the search field is now collapsed under the magnifying glass icon.

  • When will we get this new functionality?

  • We will begin releasing these user interface improvements in a staged release beginning on January 4th, 2023.

  • Can I stick with the old user interface?

  • As these user interface changes are being done to better align ConnectBooster with other Kaseya products, everyone will be transitioned to the new user interface and the old interface will be deprecated.

  • This doesn’t work well for my team. How can I suggest changes to this new user interface?

  • We love getting suggestions from our valued ConnectBooster Partners. Please reach out to your Account Manager or ConnectBooster Support with suggestions. Our Product Team regularly reviews feature requests and these help us improve ConnectBooster for everyone.


In the legacy menu many options were second level menu items underneath a fly-out sidebar menu on the left-hand side of the page accessed via the three bar “hamburger menu”.

Fly-out Sidebar Menu Example

This has now been replaced with a new left-hand fly-out sidebar menu that incorporates “arrow down” to display second order menu options. This promotes quicker menu navigation as it will no longer be necessary to wait for the page to load or make multiple clicks to access settings in ConnectBooster.

Arrow Down Menu Display Example

The sidebar menu can be closed by clicking the arrow button towards the top of the menu.

Sidebar Menu Example

The header menu has also been updated and streamlined. The search bar has now been collapsed under the magnifying glass icon.

Header Menu Example

The help menu incorporates a new dropdown menu where the ConnectBooster Academy and Knowledge Base links have been moved. Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy are now also present in this help menu.

Help Menu Example

The user menu has also been changed to display the user’s email address (redacted in this screenshot) as well as the change password and Log Out menu items.

September 22, 2021

September 2021 News and Updates

We know change can sometimes be difficult, so one of the major goals of this release is to be minimally jarring and as seamless as possible.

Your portal data has NOT changed.

  • This includes any settings, customizations, AutoPay’s, customer access, etc.

While the updated interface should be a minor change to your internal team, (and your customers), it is also an indicator of many good things to come!

Why the effort?

Customers have requested many Quality-of-Life type improvements to the system over the years. Unfortunately, our previous Front-End architecture was lacking in some key areas that was preventing us from effectively taking on certain new features, and functionality.

To do this right, we needed an overhaul. Under the covers, this new architecture is leaner, meaner, better, faster, stronger… and just simply much more flexible to work with.

We are excited that this is only the beginning, as we aim on making continuous improvements in 2022!

So….what else is new TODAY?

Some of the most notable enhancements included with this update, that your business may want to take advantage of are:

  • Proactive “warning” emails BEFORE an Invoice becomes Past Due! 
  • Further automate your AR management, BEFORE it’s late!
  • Failed Email Delivery Notifications 
  • Help awareness of important failing email communications.
  • Ability to configure a custom “Display Name” on customer emails 
  • Enhanced Professional Appearance.
  • Display Calendar Date text for AutoPay enrolled invoices 
  • Great for helping mitigate confusion for customers who are AP enrolled!

Reporting issues & Concerns

The new ConnectBooster front-end is a continuously evolving project. If you find any bugs, or rough-edges, please be sure to let us know!

We would also love to hear your honest feedback on what is good, or what still needs improvement!

Please send inquiries to:

Any feedback will be appropriately tagged and passed to the Product Management team.

May 15, 2020

May 2020  News and Updates

Enable additional security layers to both you, and your client portal logins!

Authenticator Example

This feature is fully live and available NOW!! at NO additional cost $$

To learn how to enable these new functions, visit the corresponding support articles here:

#1 Internal User 2-Factor Authentication (Your team members)

Use an “Authenticator” style app, such as Microsoft/Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile

#2 Customer 2-Factor Authentication (Your clients)

Customers can enroll using their mobile phone number to receive one-time SMS based codes on each login.

Welcome to the new ConnectBooster UI experience!

August 15, 2019

August 2019  News and Updates

You asked, we listened! Customers requested a few Quality-of-Life improvements for system notifications (internal facing).

Our update includes three brand new email notifications. The new notifications are:

  • Payment Method Changed
  • Sync Not Running
  • Sync Disabled

You can find these under Settings + Configurations + Internal Settings.

Payment Method Change Example

Payment Method Change

Frequently asked for, this new notification is a great way to inform your team when a client adds, edits, or deletes a credit card or ACH on file!

Sync Not Running Example

Sync Not Running

Sends out approximately 48 hours if we notice any of your integration syncs have not run.

Sync Disabled Example

Sync Disabled

Triggered if any of your integrations are set to “disabled”.

If Not Set to Disabled Example
March 15, 2019

March 2019  News and Updates

This long awaited and exciting feature is finally here! “Pay Now” enables your clients to pay invoices online anywhere, 24/7 without requiring login to your ConnectBooster portal.

Two ways you can take advantage of this awesome new feature today include:

“Pay Invoice” buttons.

These can be automatically inserted on invoice delivery, “Account Summary” and “Past Due” email notifications.

End Clients can also directly navigate to the new “Pay Now” URL endpoint.


For easy exposure, a hyperlink can be put on their business website to “Pay Bills Online”!!

For further details and setup instructions on this new feature please check out this [article]:(